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 Service Providers

One of the important roles of the Maryland Community for LifeSM – Talbot (CFL-Talbot) is to help members stay safely in their own homes.  To help achieve this goal, CFL-Talbot provides a personalized home assessment performed by our Home Maintenance Specialists to identify maintenance and home safety issues.  The Home Maintenance Specialists and volunteer provide basic services that are identified on the assessment and other projects as needed (based on your membership level).

CFL-Talbot will provide a proposal review for major home improvement projects to ensure a reasonable price and that the service is necessary.

Home Maintenance Specialists

CFL-Talbot has contracted the services of licensed home maintenance specialists to support our members home maintenance and safety issues. Vetting for the home maintenance specialists includes verification of liability insurance, workman's compensation insurance, State of Maryland HMS license, and background checks. 

Preferred Service Providers

For more complex tasks, CFL-Talbot provides a list of vetted contractors and vendors for additional work. Some providers will offer discounts to CFL-Talbot members. Members are responsible for paying for work done out of scope of membership.

We undertake a careful process to find out whether a provider in each of the vendor categories (e.g., home repair/handyperson vendors, plumbers, home care agencies) is qualified and provides a quality service. Vetting includes verification of liability insurance and state license. Three references have been checked. 

Recommended Service Providers

A list of Recommended Providers is also available to members. As the name implies, all Recommended Providers have been recommended by a CFL-Talbot member or volunteer, but they have not been vetted. They have, however, performed well for other CFL-Talbot members. 

You can help us now to build that list by sharing the names and contact information for those providers you highly recommend.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in serving as a Preferred or Recommended Service Provider for our members:

If you are a member of CFL-Talbot and requesting services from our Service Providers call the Service Navigator for assistance at (410) 443-0760 or contact us.

If you wish to recommend a service provider to CFL-Talbot, click here.

If you provide services and wish to be added to CFL-Talbot service provider list, please contact our Service Navigator or complete and submit the Services Provider Application that is available here.




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