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Testimonials - What People Are Saying About Us


" My husband and I are 80 years old and still live alone. We have been married 61 years, but we have many health disabilities now. I am writing this letter to tell you how much Stacey and her staff has helped to immprove our lives. My husband or I can neither drive. We have become dependent on people such as Stacey to help us with our daily needs. She and her staff have been helping with getting groceries each week. They have always been polite, friendly, and willing to help. It has helped ease the burden to haave such kind people come in to our lives...During the Covid19  pandenic they have called to check in on us, we have played virtual bingo. It's just comforting to know you have someone to call when on need. I cannot say enough good about this organization." - Iris Wheatlly

"You don't have to dread giving up driving anymore." - Evelyn Capuano

"Having transportation readily available means I can keep up with medical appointments, book club, writing group, library visits, YMCA activities, and volunteer work." - Shirley Sallet

"I really appreciated the home maintenance assessment. The handyman was so professional and thorough. He found minor things he was able to repair on the spot. It is nice to know that I am safe in my home and that gives me peace of mind." - Elissa McGuire

"It is a blessing to know that there are such caring people helping us out with my husband's transportation." - Phyliss Peddicord

“This program has given peace of mind to our family. Our mom never wants to bother anyone, and rarely asks for help. This program has given the help needed for repairs, transportation and more. We are so thankful for Maryland Community for Life.”-Patty Crankshaw-Quimby


"As a volunteer I get to meet interesting people and contribute to an organization I may need in the future." - Sarah Sayre

"A great way to meet and help some very intersting people." - Bruce Holly 

"I think it is important to volunteer because it gives you a better understanding and appreciation for your community. I have met so many wonderful people who all believe in the same cause, and when we work together it is the most rewarding experience. CFL-Talbot truly is a supportive community for both members and volunteers. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available that allow you to contribute to our growth and success. We can work together to promote our vision of Talbot Aging Well." - Whitney Sterling, one of our youngest volunteers. 


"Community for Life Talbot has become an integral partner for Talbot Health Department's Senior Services. Our efforts to support those seniors in the county who struggle with chronic disease and social isolation have been hugely impacted by their compassionate staff and volunteers who provide transportation, socialization and home repairs. Many of our seniors who had been feeling alone and hopeless have expressed meaningful improvement in their lives thanks to Community for Life's ability to actually provide services for them." - Stacey Ewing, MPH, Talbot County Health Department 

"The best thing about this program is seeing the member breathe a sigh of relief when a repair is made.  They know that the handymen and contractors can be trusted and will do quality work.  Quote from a contractor...

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