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Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the organization started?

Maryland Community For LifeSM-Talbot started in 2015 as Talbot Village Connections, part of a national nonprofit movement to support seniors so that they are able to remain as long as possible in their own homes. In 2018, Maryland's governor established the first statewide program in the nation, Maryland Commuity For LifeSM-Talbot to implement innovations for aging in place for seniors over 65. Talbot Village Connections was selected as one of the first four organizations to become a Maryland Community For LifeSM program through a partnership with the Maryland Department of Aging. On November 1, 2018, we became Maryland Community For LifeSM-Talbot.

What is Community For LifeSM-Talbot all about?

Our program helps you remain in your home and community comfortably and independently as you grow older. We offer transportation, home maintenance, access to community services, and socialization needs in a cost-effective and supportive manner. 

How do I become a member?

Membership is open to Talbot County residents 65 years or older who wish to stay in their homes. Membership applications are available from the Service Navigator or can be completed online by clicking here

Can I join for just a few months after I have my hip surgery?

We offer short-term membership (minimum of 3 months) for those situations where assistance is needed for a specific time period.  

What if I find that I am not using all the services, can I switch levels?

Yes, you can change your membership level if you need fewer services or if you find that you need more services. Please contact our Service Navigator if you have any questions or want to switch levels. 

Why is there a fee to join?

Annual membership fees help pay for expenses such as service navigator, background checks for volunteers, home maintenance assessments by a liscensed home maintainance specialist, and to support social and educational events for our members. We offer three levels of membership which range from $576 to $960 annually and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

What is the Home Maintenance Assessment?

We have contracted with several licensed home maintenance specialists so that we can offer a one-time, in-home inspection. These professionals will assess and make suggestions to improve the safety and maintenance conditions of your home.  The contractor will provide a report to the member and to the Service Navigator. In some cases, the home maintenance specialists and volunteers can make the repairs without additional costs to our members.

If something more complicated is needed we will provide our members a list of preferred providers to contact about the job. We also review contract proposals for major home improvement projects to ensure a reasonable price and that the service is necessary

How do I request a volunteer or a service?

Members can call our office, send an e-mail, or go to our website with requests and our Service Navigator will contact you. When we receive a member request for service, we will assign a volunteer to help with that request and coordinate details between the member and volunteer. We ask you to provide us with at least 2 days notice for your request. 

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?

No!  You do not have to become a member in order to provide much-needed volunteer services.  In addition, being a member does not preclude you from becoming a volunteer.

How are volunteers identified and what type of training do they receive? 

Volunteers of all ages are welcome. In order to volunteer, you'll need to pass a background check and attend a volunteer orientation.  Orientation is given by the Service Navigator and is held twice a month or scheduled one-on-one if needed.  Please contact us about becoming a member of our Volunteer Corp.

What is I need something that is not on the list of services?

Call or e-mail the Maryland Community For LifeSM-Talbot to see what we can do for you! We will work with you to find a solution to meet your needs. Our service list will be growing based on the needs of our members.

I may be 75, but I'm not "old!" Why should I become a member now? 

Maryland Community For LifeSM-Talbot membership provides a way for you to stay involved in your community before you need all the services offered. Our program offers various options that may fit your present needs such as the Home Maintenance Assessment and handyman services.

You can be as engaged as you like, perhaps with social activities and helping others at first, then tapping into other resources as you need them.

I may be too young to become a member, and I can't volunteer right now, but I'd like to help Talbot seniors age well, how can I do this?

We're all about helping!  Tax-deductible donations (to the extent as allowed by law) help subsidize events and scholarships.  In-kind donations of goods and services are always appreciated, as are donations of time and talent (volunteering).  Please contact us about becoming a Friend, Donor, or Sponsor.


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